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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Recently, Tour de France winner Floyd Landis was found to have tested positive for illegal doping. Besides the obvious initial shock and disgust, I have a few questions and concerns.
First, this test is based on samples taken during the tour itself. After the back-up tests are completed, and if Landis is still found guilty, then his title should be revoked, no questions. Right?
Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso, the prerace favorites and perennial holders of the best view of Lance Armstrong's ass, were yanked from the Tour on the eve of the race, merely for being associated with a doper. They failed no test.
What angers me, and what I suppose is my roundabout point, is the nonchalant and accepting attitude surrounding the situation. It's ridiculous that someone with that kind of profile and pull is even questionable in their integrity. Where's the uproar? Sure, he's human, but doping sucks the life and worth out of winning the Tour de France! What is winning when it's not the blood and sweat that you gave that decided the winner, but how many vials of EPO's that you clogged your body with? What is that worth?
In today's society, winning has become more important than anything. Morals, character and integrity are given no weight because they are not loudly shouting out advertisements that say "I will dominate anything I want, I live to elevate myself above those around me". Alright, I'm totally on a soap box here and I know it. But I myself cannot comprehend what goes through Landis' head at night. I want to know! I want to know how he justifies the whole mess to himself, what lies he has to repeat endlessly... And I wish it was just cycling.

And for anyone who thinks he's the only one that does that shit, open your eyes. Proof or no, Lance Armstrong is on that list.
Please forgive the nastiness. I'm nursing a wicked hangover courtesy of one too many Long Island Iced Teas.


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